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Privacy Policy

Our commitment to safeguard the privacy of your information:

Timberlake Studio Limited will only request information that we must have in order to provide service(s) to you. This information may include relevant IP address(es), email address(es), or financial information, such as your credit card or bank account.

Timberlake Studio Limited will only use the information you provide for legitimate purposes – that is, purposes which are directly connected with providing the service(s) you have requested. This use may include disclosure of necessary information to the .nz registry (or some other relevant registry). By requesting
domain registration(s), you expressly acknowledge and accept that information provided to the .nz registry (or other relevant registry) is – or may become –
public information.

In order to provide internet and e-commerce solutions, Timberlake Studio Limited may be required to disclose relevant information to a third-party service provider (such as Google Adwords or WebFarm Limited, for example.) By requesting such service(s), you expressly authorise us to do this.

We may be contractually or legally obliged to retain information collected from you for a specific time after the actual provision of services (or some other business relationship) with you has ceased. Where required to so by law, Timberlake Studio Limited will be entitled to deal with the information collected from you in a reasonable and appropriate manner.

On rare occasions, we may use your information for the purpose of offering services or products which Timberlake Studio Limited (or our related commercial partners) reasonably believe will be of genuine interest or value to you. Any such offer(s) will always allow you the opportunity to unsubscribe and no longer receive such messages.

Timberlake Studio Limited may use the information you provide to perform any background checks it considers necessary and reasonable in order to verify your identity, bona fides and creditworthiness.

In collecting and storing your information, it is our policy to always comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act (1993),moreover, Timberlake Studio Limited will make every reasonable effort to ensure that we do not sell or disclose your information to any unauthorised party or person.

You may view and update any information that we hold in your file by emailing your request to <office@timberlakestudio.co.nz>

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